Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultants

Professional Engineering

imageMA Engineering is a consulting engineering firm offering professional mechanical and electrical engineering services. We are pleased to offer design services for systems that include HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power distribution, communications, security and many others.

Sustainable Design and Evaluation

imageMA Engineering incorporates aspects of sustainable design into every project that we design. All of our designs promote energy efficiency, water conservation, good indoor air quality and promote the use of natural light.
MA Engineering will work with each client to achieve their individual sustainable goals, which may be to provide the most energy efficient building they can achieve at an economic budget, or to have a LEED certified facility.

Commitment to Excellence

image Our aspirations are high. As a team and as individuals, we pursue excellence in everything we do. We seek clients with complex challenges, who share our values and provide opportunities for long-term relationships. We have the talent and depth to offer our clients a continuum of services from energy analysis to facilities design, to post occupancy evaluation. We are engineers, financial analysts and specialists. Most of all, we are problem-solvers. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, while guiding them through a process that optimizes their resources.